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Luke Nickerson – Glasgow Rangers
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  • 2018-2019 Volunteering at Sunderland AFC
  • 2019 – Freelance
  • 2019 – Assistant Club Photographer at Glasgow Rangers FC
  • League One Play-Off Final (1)
  • Scottish League Cup Final (1)
  • UEFA Europa League Matches (11)
Q&A with Luke Nickerson

What came first, sport or photography?
“Sport. I always loved football, and photography was just a part-time hobby until I started shooting football.”

Who did you look up to when you were young, and who has helped you most with your development?
“I never really looked up to anyone because I didn’t know football photography was what I wanted to do until I tried it, but now I love looking at photographers from other sports to see how they shoot, e.g. Shawn Hubbard for the Baltimore Ravens, Billie Weiss for the Boston Red Socks or Zach Tarrant for the Houston Texans.”

One change for the better to improve football photography for the next generation of photographers?
“Platforms like the FPA, so that young photographers have a place for inspiration and a place to reach out for help and guidance.”

Favourite football ground to work at and why?
“Ibrox on a European night; there’s no place like it.”

Do you have a favourite memory or anecdote from your time as a football photographer?
“Old Firm away at Parkhead. Rangers won 1-2, all the players ran over to celebrate with the fans, so did Steven Gerrard, and I managed to get in between him and the fans and got great celebration photos of him. I was the only photographer that managed to get that image, and it was my first photo that sold really well and kept popping up in the papers in double page spreads. A really proud moment for me as a photographer.”

Favourite footballer to work with and why?
“It’s tough to pick just one. I’m very privileged to work with many, and they’re all great, but the time I spent with Gazza was incredible – some amazing stories!”

Canon, Nikon or Sony?

First match photographed?
“Stockport County v AFC Telford – 9th January 2016.”

If you weren’t a photographer what would you be?
“Wouldn’t even like to guess, I never had a backup plan. I went all in on becoming a football photographer.”

Some advice for youngsters?
“You don’t need the best camera gear, or to be at the biggest game. Just get out and shoot something, build a portfolio and work your way up the ladder rather than wanting to start at the top.”

Biggest lesson learnt?
“It’s not the end of the world if you miss a shot, just get the next one.”

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