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Marc Atkins – Copa Foto / MAP
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  • Started with Sunday League 
  • Photographed Aylesbury United
  • Worked with Marcello Pozzetti and Sportsbeat
  • Freelanced for AMA, Getty Images, Offside & BPI
  • Started Copa Foto in 2018
  • FIFA World Cups (2)
  • UEFA Euro Champs (2)
  • FA Cup Finals (13)
  • UEFA Champions League Finals (7)
  • Premier League Matches Approx (approx 3000)
Questions and Answers

First football match photographed?
“Sunday League”

What was your career path?
“I started taking amateur football photos in my spare time at the park. From there I did odds jobs for Aylesbury United and the local papers. A couple of twists of fate have taken me to wherever I am at the moment.”

Who did you look up to when you were young and who has helped you most during your development?
“No one particular person. I looked at football photos and had an appreciation for the effort that went into getting a ‘good one’. I’m forever grateful to Marcello Pozzetti and Rich Lane (Sportsbeat) for giving me a break.”

Favourite football ground to work at and why?
“Somewhere with an atmosphere. Preferably one that doesn’t involve using the M6.”

Biggest lesson learned?
“Football rarely goes as planned. The Highways agency doesn’t care!”

Canon, Nikon, or Sony?

Best advice for youngsters?
“Start local. Tell the story. Buy some waterproofs.”

One change for the better to improve football photography for the next generation of photographers?
“Some how photographers seem to have been left behind the broadcast and written media, and it would be nice to try and redress this and regain some appreciation of the importance of stills.”

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