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Q&A with Steffan Bowen

What came first, sport or photography?
“Photography came first because I studied it in college and did a segment of it as part of my course at university.”

First match photographed?
“My first match was England v Lithuania Euro 2016 qualifier at Wembley Stadium.”

Favourite ground and why?
“My favourite is actually Molineux, because it is a bit of a lucky charm and it’s relaxed and welcoming.”

Canon, Nikon or Sony?
“Canon, although I did use Nikon when on work experience with the Daily Mail. I am happy with either, but not used Sony before.”

Favourite match or football related event photographed?
“My favourite match photographed was Watford v Wolves in the FA Cup Semi-Final in 2018/19. Everything about it just went right, the pictures worked well and I was in the right spot for Deulefeou’s winner. Honourable mention to Fulham v Bournemouth from the same season. Everything about the shoot felt right from previews to match.”

Biggest lesson learnt?
“Keep a cool head and quality over quantity.”

Which photo included in your FPA gallery are you proudest of and why?
“The photo that I am most proud of in my FPA gallery is – well there are actually two. The first of which was the Cyrus Christie goal pic for Middlesbrough against Fulham in 2017/18, as it was actually taken on a Canon Eos 20D with a 50mm lens and was featured on a double page spread in the Daily Star. 

The other picture is Jordan Pickford’s save for Everton at West Ham during 2019/20, because I caught him at full stretch saving a deflected West Ham shot.”

Any funny or interesting experiences photographing football at any level?
“Leicester v Sevilla in the Champions League. My chair collapsed before Sevilla’s penalty and I fell over, although I managed to balance myself on the broken stool before Sevilla missed the penalty.”

How did you feel just before you photographed your first match professionally?
“Because it was England at Wembley there were plenty of nerves going into the game. Wembley is a big occasion every time.”


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