About the FPA

Representation & Membership

The Football Photographers Association — the FPA — is an inclusive, non-profit organisation comprising the best professional football photographers in the UK, both established and up-and-coming.

It acts as a representative body, promoting the interests of professional football photographers or those individuals who work and earn their income predominantly in the field of football photography.

The FPA aims to protect, preserve and enhance the perception and status of professional football photographers throughout the sporting media community and beyond. It offers two tiers of membership:

  • Professional Membership, comprising full-time professional sports photographers working principally in football photography.
  • Associate Membership, which is open to students studying photography, or a related course, and those who demonstrate a real, genuine and committed interest in becoming a professional football photographer.


The FPA is available as a resource to all sectors of the football industry, offering advice on accreditation, pitch-side communications, photographic positions — both traditional and innovative — and working facilities for photographers.

The collective experience of our representatives is gained from photographing football in over one hundred countries, covering thousands of Premier League matches since its inception in 1992, and a combined 40 FIFA World Cups. 

We draw on that experience when working with communication teams, supporting them in reducing the time they commit to photographic media, as well as helping them maximise the huge visual impact photography has for their football club or organisation.

Advice & Mentoring

Encouraging the next generation of football photographers is a priority for the FPA.

Through one-to-one mentoring with experienced professionals via our support network and regional workshops, advice and guidance on all aspects of the industry will be available for those embarking on a career in football photography.

Get in touch via the form on the contact page if you would like more information, or visit the news page, where details of future events will be posted.

Perception & Reputation

Perception and status of football photographers within the football community and associated media industries are fundamental to the FPA.

The UK has the most professional football photographers of any country in the world. Their creativity and professionalism are rightly respected and admired internationally and at home.

Preserving and enhancing this world-class reputation is an important part of the FPA’s mission. 


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