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Q&A with Jacques Feeney

What came first, sport or photography?
Sport. Inspired by my Grandad, I’ve been an Arsenal supporter since I was very young however my close family don’t really like football so I only got to go to the occasional Southend United game then when I was a bit older I started going to Arsenal and East Thurrock United games. I didn’t develop an interest in photography until the second year of the GCSE, I had a great teacher so naturally I became more enthusiastic about it. I always wanted to shoot football so as soon as I could afford a 70-200 f4 I got it right away and was hooked on sports photography.

First match photographed?
It was a 2-2 draw between East Thurrock and Dartford with my best photo being a blurry goal shot with the scorer cut in half! My first professional game was Doncaster winning 7-1 against Southend United.

Favourite ground and why?
Technically the best grounds I’ve been to are the new Tottenham stadium and the Emirates however my favourite would be Craven Cottage. I’m not entirely sure why I like it so much but it always enjoy going there.

Canon, Nikon or Sony?
Canon. I’ve always used Canon, even with my first camera the 550d, and I’ve never seen any reason to switch. On top of that, Jakki Moores has been extremely helpful with loaning me some equipment for a year which, during the pandemic, has been much appreciated.

Favourite match or football related event photographed?
My favourite would have to be photographing my first Arsenal game. When Arsenal drew 2-2 with Chelsea at Stamford bridge… Although both of the Arsenal goals were down the other end, it was great to see Martinelli’s goal and Azpilicueta celebrating in front of me was also a highlight (even if he did score against my team), I was absolutely buzzing that night.

Biggest lesson learnt?
Wear gloves when it’s cold! It sounds obvious but I had accidentally left my gloves in the photographers room wherever I was the match before this one and I honestly can’t begin to express the level of stress I was feeling when Rhian Brewster went through one on one with the keeper against Fulham and I couldn’t physically pick up my 70-200 because I had lost all strength in my hands due to them being so cold – luckily (for my sake) he missed. Also, not being afraid to ask for advice and critiquing of your photos from other photographers is a big one – being stubborn and trying to do it yourself without any help won’t get you very far.

Which photo included in your FPA gallery are you proudest of and why?
I think it’s got to be the celebration from Charlton vs Liverpool women in the snow. A snowy match is all I’ve wanted since I started sports photography, this was my first one and I think I did a decent job of making the most of it!

Any funny or interesting experiences photographing football at any level?
Hearing Everton fans swearing at West ham players… Everything sounds funnier when someone’s got a high pitched scouse accent!

How did you feel just before you photographed your first match professionally?
I was very excited for my first professional match… The nerves set in for me when I did my first championship match at Millwall and I saw everyone with their 400mm lenses and I was there with a crop sensor camera and a 70-200.


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