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Paul Currie -Freelance

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  • 1987 – 1989 Chief Photographer Anglia Press Agency Colchester
  • 1990 – 2011 Group Picture Editor Sport Newspapers
  • E2005 -2017 Freelance Sports Photographer Action Images
  • 2017- Freelance Sports Photographer Backpageimages/Shutterstock
  • FA Cup Finals (4)
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup (1)
  • PL Matches (Over 1000)
Q&A with Paul Currie

What came first, sport or photography?
“Sport. I remember going to see Bolton Wanderers on the terraces of Burnden Park as a teenager and always watched the photographers lined up behind the goals. I knew from that moment on that is were I wanted to be.”

Who did you look up to when you were young, and who has helped you most with your development?
“My dad was always a big influence in my career. He was a staff photographer at the Manchester Evening News and always encouraged me to go out and do it for myself. Russell Boyce at Reuters was also also a massive factor in where I am today as he taught me when I was a very young photographer at Anglia Press Agency.”

One change for the better to improve football photography for the next generation of photographers?
“To be able to have better access at football grounds, rather than just behind the goals. Some of the pictures from the World Cups and Euro Championships in the tribune are amazing and give you a different angle to shoot.”

Favourite football ground to work at and why?
“It has to be either the Camp Nou in Barcelona or the Allianz Stadium in Turin. Both places are amazing, the atmosphere and buzz from the crowd is brilliant.”

Do you have a favourite memory or anecdote from your time as a football photographer?
“Being delayed on a flight to a game at Juventus. I was booked on a flight to Milan and then had to drive to Turin. The flight was delayed by two hours, so I had to drive the car as fast as possible. I managed to park in the back streets of Turin, taking pictures of where I had left the car just in case I couldn’t find it at the end of the match. Then I ran to the ground and got there just as the teams were walking out. I had a poor position, as all the spots were taken. However, right at the end Cristian Ronaldo scored the winner and celebrated right in front of me. It made a stressful day all worth it.”

Favourite footballer to work with and why?
“Raheem Sterling. He is really down to earth and nothing is too much trouble. We sat and edited his shoot together and chatted about photography and expensive clothes… Which I can’t afford!”

Canon, Nikon or Sony?

First match photographed?
“It was a match at Burnden Park, home to the mighty Bolton Wanderers back in 1986.”

If you weren’t a photographer what would you be?
“I’ve always wanted to be a photographer ever since I was young, and I have been lucky enough to have a long career doing what I love.”

Some advice for youngsters?
“Always try and speak to people in the wire rooms, don’t just walk in and walk out. Look at other photographers work and don’t be afraid to drop them an email or give them a call. We are a social bunch.”

Biggest lesson learnt?
“Always remember to put a card in your camera.”

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